Your favorite Prog Nerds from Miami

Self-identified as “Your favorite Prog Nerds from Miami”, Luxrem prides themselves on crafting a captivating, yet regulated, blend of progressive rock and experimental metal to anchor their sound. Gritty lyrical sagas and tantalizing riffs set the foundation for the act’s debut album, ‘Dreamwalker’, (2020) giving way to their breakthrough single, “Mobius” (2021).

Receiving international accolades from James Monteith of TesseracT, renowned music journalist Terry “Beez” Bezer, DW Presents – That Space Zebra Show, Rockmachine – Radio No.9, Hold Tight PR, among others, Luxrem continues to innovate and invigorate their musical presence with their new material throughout the coming months.


Current Members: Jonathan Sookdew Sing (Vocals), Marcus Noga
(Guitar), Gabriel Cuevas (Guitar), Ed Escalante (Drums), and Peter Alvarez (Bass)

Jon Sookdew Sing


Writing lyrics from personal experiences, emotions, and keen observations, Jon is the heart to the brain that is Luxrem’s technically adept music. The foreigner in the group, Jon, is originally from Suriname, a small country in South America. Through his culturally diverse background and early exposure to artists ranging from Richard Bona to Queen and everything in between, Jon’s musical influences are vast and can be seen in his choices of melody, performance, and general outlook on music. His passion for music was only ignited further after meeting Ed in a college songwriting class, adding the final piece for the completion of Luxrem’s first album: Dreamwalker.

Marcus Noga


Marcus Noga is the dominant force behind Luxrem’s instrumentals. From the band’s inception, he has pushed his creative and technical boundaries, always honing his craft and refining the band’s overall sound. Luxrem allows for many of Marcus’s influences to shine, combining the ephemeral soundscapes of The Contortionist with the hook-laden catchiness of bands such as Intervals, Disperse, and others.


Kiesel AM7 Aries Multiscale 7 String Guitar
Kiesel ZM8 Zeus Headless Multiscale 8 String Guitar
Kiesel VM8 Vader Headless Multiscale 8 String Guitar
Kiesel VM59K Vanquish Multiscale 5 String Bass



Live Equipment:
Kemper Profiler Power Rack 600W Profiling Amp Head
KSR 2×12 Vertical Cab
Mesa 4×12 Rectifier Cab
Behringer FCB1010 Footswitch
Line 6 G90 Wireless Relay



Studio Equipment:
Universal Audio Apollo Dual USB
Yamaha HS7 Studio Monitors
Neural DSP Plugins
Native Instruments Plugins and Sample Libraries
Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

Gabriel Cuevas


Gabriel’s love of music stems from video games and movie soundtracks from his youth. Listening to a multitude of genres through these games caused an appreciation for many different artists and styles that have influenced his musical taste. From his guitar playing to his production you can hear influences such as Porter Robinson, Periphery and Nobuo Uematsu. Because of this the diversity in Luxrem’s music lets him feel free to explore and enjoy these influences.


Kiesel XM8 Type-X multiscale 8 
Axe FX Ultra 
Randall RD412-V30 4×12 
Behringer FCB1010 Footswitch 

Peter Alvarez


Adding rhythmic and melodic flare, Peter Alvarez is the underlying element that can be felt throughout the halls of any venue. As the bassist for Luxrem, he adds pulsating energy and depth to meticulously crafted melodies. However, his musical expedition did not begin this way. Inspired by SOAD, Jimi Hendrix, and Van Halen, Peter picked up the guitar at the age of twelve. A year later, he quickly became a multi-instrumentalist by becoming well versed with drums and bass, eager to collaborate with fellow musicians of different genres and backgrounds.

Live Equipment:
Kiesel VM59K Vanquish Multiscale 5 String Bass
Darkglass Microtubes V2 500
Darkglass Intelligent Footswitch
Mesa Boogie 4×10 Powerhouse
MXR M135 Smart Gate Pedal
MXR M238 ISO Brick PS
TC Electronics Polytune 3


Studio Equipment:
Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors
Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL audio interface
Neural DSP plugins
Arturia Keylab Essential 49
Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

Ed Escalante


Hailing from The Bronx, Ed shows the crowd when it’s time to headbang. He had an idea to make a song with his friends for a high school talent show and after a few phone calls, the first iteration of the band was born. His drumming career began by going directly from drumline marching snare cadences to progressive metal after befriending guitarist Marcus Noga. Ed’s biggest musical influences stem from a love of Drum & Bass, bands such as Lamb of God and Periphery, and a desire to encourage others to pursue the craft of drumming.


Mapex Armory 6-Piece Studioease Emerald Burst


Meinl Classics Custom Dark 12” Trash Stack
Aquarian 14” Crash
Sabian SBR 10” Hi Hats
Sabian SBR 22” Ride
Meinl HCS 10” Crash


PDP by DW 400


Promark Shira Kashi Oak – 5A