To Luxrem, an “Aura” is a pre-migraine condition involving blurred vision with a crescent shaped, kaleidoscope edge. Once the “Aura” ends, an onslaught of migraine symptoms begin. Luxrem abstracts the cunning emergence and captivating beauty of this phenomenon throughout their new single, “Aura”, utilizing a pristine balance of steady synths and zealous guitar. Soothing vocals entice listeners into a state of rest before the culmination of technical fury is unleashed as “Aura” dissipates.

"You can no longer bear the light "




Derived from the concept of a Mobius Strip, Luxrem’s latest single portrays the repetitive routine of everyday life – eat, work, sleep, repeat – until death.

Vocalist, Jonathan Sookdew unveils a turmoil within, sparring the antagonist, Javi Amador of Vagrant Son as Luxrem awakens and overcomes the mundane regimen of life with enticing riffs.

"I'm NOT Your Puppet
Raised By Greed"




Dreamwalker is a story about a being that is the equivalence of the reaper, taking you if you die in your sleep. Each song is a different dream or feeling that our protagonist experiences before he dies.

In the years leading up to when Vocalist Jonathan Sookdew Sing joined the band, he was faced with several deaths that made lasting impressions on him. Yet, the very thing they all had in common was the fact that they all died in their sleep. Although the name of the album existed before he joined the band, the title resonated with him, birthing what is known today as “The Dreamwalker.”

"we were not born EVIL
just men wishing to be free"

-Ghost Pirates